WhatAppPolitical Marketing

In case of WhatsApp Marketing BJP for sure used it at max.In WhatsApp Marketing, It's like lighting a fire, but the catalyst of fuel are the people themselves.The number of members who spread the content is vast; we have witnessed it ourselves.

Ironically, most of them are youngsters who are either getting paid for it or the one who join the private groups, then started sharing the innovative images.There are many funny jokes, and most of them are based on real facts on how the political situation works.

How WhatsApp Marketing Works?

Watsapp is popular used social media today and we all know how posts get shared over night. So same goes with viral content of politics too.

  1. The political parties gather their young members and instruct them to share the content on groups.
  2. The companies create massive groups on WhatsApp (They are pre-ready groups), where they share one or two interesting content on it, which inspires them to share it with the various community.
  3. Many people like to earn few bucks for sharing. Even on WhatsApp, many media companies use this platform to get the content shared for few rupees.
  4. What they do is, People received a link , where they get money for sharing the link.
  5. The most shared content on WhatsApp are images, people started to create their funny images and shared it with their respective groups and people.

There are many other ways the digital marketing companies have used but listed are the ones that are used most.


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