Video ads are everywhere. They are on your TV, facebook and at YouTube. Smart marketers use video to promote fame of a politician and political ideas. With the explosion of digital media and viral advertising, video creators can reach larger audiences faster than other ways.
What you need is just a powerful story. Whether you're running a campaign for local politician or for post of Prime Minister, video can change the face of your campaign.

Effective videos tend to have a few things in common

  1. Message given in video need to be clear. What's the key point you want voters to take away? Take the heart of it and mould it into a slogan. A slogan draws on your emotion and pulls it up to the surface. It's the shared sentiment you and your voters share, distilled into a catch phrase.
  2. Video should be drawn on the emotions people share. Common ground are found and story told about how politician will help make improvements on it. Paint a story of how he can make things better. Music and imagery used to capture the eye and imagination and to draw the audience in. We need the people to picture themselves in our shared vision of the future and feel excited to be a part of it, because, long after our words have faded from their minds, people will remember how we made them feel.
  3. When people who trust us are repeated with certain ideas over others, it influences their decisions. How do you know what you should repeat? Identify the key things that are on your voters' minds. Sketch out a few phrases that highlight those things and use the phrases often in different contexts. When you're asked a question, bring it back to this key point.

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