TargetYoung Audience

Youth being the main target audience so the political election campaign targets the youth most.Young people aged between 18 to 30, especially 30 are targeted because most of the men in their mid 30's are struggling to get their dream jobs.They are the voters who are staying home..

The word "JOBS" have a major role in attracting people who were struggling to get jobs in India.Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi both focus on "providing employment" during their election. The fact is that getting the young aged 20 - 30 years is easy because "JOBS" are indeed a big issue in our countries. There has been an issue which is a major problem in our countries that the people are not voting. The medium has also used to make the young, and eligible voters get out of the house and leave the comfort zone to vote. In the political campaign, it is mandatory that majority of the people are getting their siblings, relatives, and young people vote on the day. 2014 PM Election Campaign Strategies included targeting the young audience, where the BJP has targeted using a slogan "Ache din ane wale hai."

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