Social Media Political Campaign

To understand our social media political campaign and to understand its greatness, lets take an example of Prime Minister level election campaign In India. We have seen millions of quotes and memes regarding the political Advertising Marketing during the last elections. However, How much did each candidate has spent on the promotions? The candidates have used official Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the message out, but that's not where the majority of the money have spent.
In the case of Mr.Narendra Modi political Advertising Marketing, the team has used many different ways like the Youtube. They approached many YouTubers to put the pre-ready videos on their channel. The company who happens to be the responsible for all the task has hired a creative team to get the job done. They have hired a team of professionals who are not only creative but also a small media-related company. So these media companies started to approach Youtube channels who mainly target Young audiences aged between 18-30+, then make a video where the BJP stands in applaude.
However, now they have been deleted or removed by the Admin, just to avoid any buzz after the election over and the results announced. The role of Social Media is that these media companies use their connections to meet up with the people who own or have social media pages with an amazing following. The BJP was promoting "Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar" slogan in a creative way. The highest number of shares and likes came from the Facebook platform. However, none of the promotions was leading to the best political Website.

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