Digital Marketing

With the increase in internet speed and high use of smartphone a new means of promotion has emerged, Digital marketing is highly targeted and return based advertising method. We can target a specific gender, age group, city, religion, and interest. This is only possible with the use of digital marketing. The cost of promotion is also very low as compared to traditional methods of advertisement.

Digital marketing plays a major role in many public figure life; there is no doubt that they hold the majority of their success online. From small-time companies to major players in the industry are using the digital marketing techniques to promote and grow some audiences to increase sales or brand promotion. There is a saying "Sky is the limit" which applies to the role of Digital Marketing for political campaign strategies. From past decade, the candidates who have invested in the election campaign to get higher number votes in a specific state or city. Modi Jee 2014 PM Election Campaign Strategies can be seen with the slogan "Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar" which has created a buzz all over the Internet and community. Millions of mems and Whatsapp messages were shared which were not only hilarious but also positively impacting the election campaign. From Facebook to Whatsapp messages, you can find slogans, funny texts mocking the opposition parties, and promoting the slogan throughout the Indian online market.

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