Candidate Name Branding

Everything begins with the candidate name. If the people don't know and don't recognize the face, then they are doomed.Isn't that what happened to the majority of the candidates. None of the people outside of the territory or state could not recognize them.

While Narendra Modi was already a known figure in the states because of he is the most popular C.M of Gujarat.What special Narendra Modi did that none of the other candidates couldn't? Narendra Modi started to build his image via appearing on some reality shows, interviews, making controversial comments, bringing new political subjects to talk about. Narendra Modi has spent more than $377 millions of dollars.
Everyone spent a lot of money, but Narendra Modi won by spending lesser amount than anybody else.

How did he do it?

He played smart compared to others.

  1. His slogan is "Sabka sath Sabka vikas" which used in the marketing campaign and spread it all over India
  2. The controversial comments posted on his Social Media accounts like the Twitter. He is leading everyone to his Twitter page and Facebook and keep promoting his name using these mediums.
  3. The last digital political strategies were to ensure that he will stay on the news every single day.

These are very few examples of many, we have revealed here.


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